TED: Why Light needs Darkness

Check out this neat talk about light in our buildings.  I definitely agree we have gone astray on what our lighting needs are in our buildings.  Using natural light as much as possible is the way to go, but when we can’t lighting should add to the character of the building and feel natural.

Rogier van der Heide: Why light needs darkness



Happy Christmas!

Yes, I’m wishing all my deacon duty fans out there an early Happy Christmas!

‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men.’


Just for fun, here is another pic of me from my Calgary trip this past spring.  Me playing Silvertip in the Rocky Mountains.  It was spectacular.

Time flies when your having fun

This past weekend Steph and I flew out to Edmonton Alberta for a wedding of my good buddy Steve Vedder.  We decided to make a longer weekend of it, and head into Jasper to see the mountains.  This was my second time in the mountains and Stephs first.  We went and saw Maligne Canyon, Jasper (the town), and Mount Pyramid.  The hike on mount pyramid was spectacular.  It had some great views of the valley and the surrounding mountains.  Once again I was blown away with the views.  This time I really felt like I was out in shear wilderness, and I couldn’t help but look back over my shoulder as we walked.

In other news, yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Steph and myself.  Heading into the mountains was a great way to celebrate!  I’m a lucky guy.

check out a few shots from out west.


P.E.I. Adventures

Tuesday, Aug. 3rd.  Day 4 and time to head west.  We spent the night at a beautiful old bed and breakfast, and from there went to the North Cape.  This was my first real experience of the ocean.  O our way back we stopped along at the few sight-seeing spots.  That evening we headed into Charlottetown for dinner with a bunch of Steph’s friends.  We went to the Gahan house which is a micro brewery, so had the sampler.  And, the shocker was they offered croquettes!  I couldn’t believe it.  I had to explain to everyone what they were.  We also had ‘Cows’ ice cream.

Wednesday, Aug. 4th.  It’s day 5 here in PEI and we finally made it to the beach at Cavendish.  The beaches here are like nothing I’ve seen before.  Beautiful sand beaches and sandy clear waters.  Behind that are sand dunes and beyond the water’s edge is, well, ocean.  We walked along the waters edge and avoided the jelly fish or ‘jellies’ as the locals call them.  I found a piece of sea glass, which the sand and water turned into a nice smooth surface.  I also found some really nice sea shells by the sea-shore.   After that we went to the boardwalk to do some touristy shopping.  Since we were in Cavendish, we were close to the Ann of Green Gables area so we found a hat with the long red hair.  So of course we took a picture (see below).

Then it was home and time for my first lobster supper.  I was nervous at first, but it wasn’t that bad.  It was a bit wierd to be looking at the guy in the eyes before I pulled him apart, but it tasted alright.  Thankfully there was steak as well.

Then we headed to Summerside for a showing of the College of Piping and Gaelic Dancing.  It was really good and nice and loud.  They had one number called ‘dueling pipes’.  A spin-off of dueling banjos.  Very impressed.

The rest of our time will be camping on the east side of the island, golf at Dundarave and Crowbush, then heading home on Saturday with a stop of in New Brunswick for a Wedding of one of Steph’s friend.

I had a little trouble uploading the images, but hopefully you turn out.

See ya soon,


Well, Shit.

It’s day 3 here in PEI, and the weather is fantastic.  Since getting here we have met most of Steph’s family, had a couple of BBQ’s including a feast of mussels…  that was interesting.  At the bbq on sunday we saw a few hot air balloons (which is a big deal out here…) so we all had to run out and see them.  At one point one of the uncles (local) noticed there were more balloons than originally seen and exclaimed ‘well, shit!’  So that’s my new saying.  I’ve been trying to speak the dialect here with not much success, but I’ll get it down by weeks end.  I’ve been focusing on the simple words like ‘goood’.

Steph, her dad, aunt and I played Mill River today.  It was a beautiful day and a great course.  We played a team scramble and we took home the trophy!  And we barely made it in before dark.  Here are a few pics from the day.  See ya Soon!


Dinos and such

Wut up.  An update from out west.  Sunday we went to Drumheller to visit the dinosaur museum.  We also stopped in at reptile World.  There were lots of really neat creatures there, including a turtle walking the hallways.  To top it off I held a boa constrictor around my neck.  It was freaky, but kinda cool too.  We then went to the dinosaur museum, which was amazing.  There was a life-size t-rex skeleton in one room.  It was really menacing.  I tried to imagine what it would be like if it were real.  It would have been awesome. 

Monday we headed back into the mountains to play at Silvertip Golf Club.  I was blown away by the views.  I actually shot a decent round of 79, considering I hadn’t played it before.  We were told by the started that a bear was in the area and a cougar was around all winter.  We didn’t see either, even though we wanted too.  We didn’t really see much wildlife at all actually.  kinda disappointed by that.  But the course was fantastic and the views were just majestic.  It was a great experience.  See below for a few more pics.