Million Dollar shootout

This past September I was able to participate in a million dollar shootout at the Marshes Golf Club.  They hosted the event as part of their 10th anniversary celebration.  Here is an article about it.  The format was a closest to the pin on #7 that everyone had 1 shot from 150 yards to be the 3 closest.  The 3 closest would then move to the fairway on #9 and would have to hole out from 170 yards for the million.

I think I was the 12th person to shoot.  I don’t think I’ve been that nervous over a shot.  I was fine until I stood over the ball and looked at the pin then back to my ball.  That’s when I realized my hands were shaking!  That’s never happened before! I took a deep breath and swung.  I hit a slight draw to 7′-10″.  Good for closest to the pin!  It was so much fun!  Several of my golf buddies were also in the event, and before hand were trying to calm their nerves by drinking.  They had rum and beer.  It was funny to see these guys so nervous.  I was fine until I was over my ball.

So I made the final 3 for the big shot.  I wasn’t nervous for this shot at all.  I was second to go, and hit a very good shot.  I was playing it to land short and bounce and roll to the hole.  I hit it online and landed right about where I wanted.  But the ball just stopped, no bounce and roll.  So I finished about 12 feet short of the pin.  No million for me.  Oh well, it was so much fun!



Golf n stuff

Hey all, can’t believe I didn’t post this earlier.  I guess it was 2 weeks ago I shot even par 72 at The Marshes!  I actually bogeyed the last 2 holes to shoot par.  disappointing finish but a great round overall!  That is my first time shooting par on 18 holes.  It was a great weekend, because the day before my team (including Steph who was the best player) and I won the Ingersoll Open with a 4 under 68.  Not only that I took home closest to the pin and longest drive.  So a great weekend for me.

My first competitive round didn’t go so well.  I couldn’t hit an iron all day and ended up shooting one of my worst rounds yet.  Really disappointed how that went.  But I am entered in another qualifier at the end of June and then as well the Ottawa Citizen in July.

Its decided I will be heading to Halifax in the middle of July for a weekend visit.  Heard a ton about it and now I’m going.  Unfortunately no PEI this year.  But don’t worry, looks like I may going twice next year.  Here’s Hopin!


Winter Golf

Hey all, its been awhile since my last post.  Just wanted to share my latest development in the golf world.  I have joined the Marshes winter golf studio, and have been getting regular practice sessions just hitting balls and as well with my coach.  I have been able to get some great instructional time and have made some great improvements on my swing.  I can’t wait to see how it works outside!

Part of the studio winter golf is a fitness review with the Titleist Performance Institute.  It showed where I need to improve my strength and flexibility.  I have my follow up session this coming Saturday.  Looking forward to it!

There is also a putting contest with all the members and professionals.  The game is trying to take as few putts to 4 points at 15′, 20′, 25′, 30′ away, and get the ball within 12″ either side of that line.  So the best you could do is 4.  So far I had the record of least putts (7) until my coach bested me by 1, just yesterday.  I’ll have to show him up.

In other news, the tournament dates and venues for the Ottawa Citizen are now set.  They will be spread out from July 11th to July 26th.  There are 2 new courses on the roster, both I haven’t played before.  I may need to take a trip or 2.  Looking forward doing better this year!


Never Give up.

One thing I’ve learned from Tiger Woods (a while back) was to never give up.  He was referring to golf, but he could’ve used his own advice off the course.  Anyway, this has been very hard for me.  It’s something I have struggled to do on the course.

Last night I was playing hole 2 at the Marshes during a mens night competition.  It was a match play event where my score needs to beat my opponents score however high or low that is, makes no difference.  So, in match play, every shot is more about mentally forcing your opponent to hit shots he doesn’t want to.  But when you mess up your shot really bad, it gives him the advantage.

Back to the second hole, second shot from the fairway.  On a relatively routine shot, I hit my ball into the water (some 40 yards off-line of my target).  I was naturally not too happy about that.  Enter Tiger Woods who tells me not to give up.  I tell him look who’s talking.  Anyway, I take my penalty drop.  I am now lying 3, 220 yards from the pin, against the wind, and with a large mass of water between me and it (if you know the Marshes you know what I’m talking about).  My opponent is 20 yards in front of me lying 2 (he had hit 2 shots to that point).  Advantage him, oh and I give him a stroke, so really he’s lying 1.  This is the shot that will make or break me on the hole.

I pull out my 3 wood and flush it on the green about 20 feet from the pin.  Not really sure how to describe the difficulty of the shot, but I was very happy.  Suck it Tiger, lets see you do that (that’s what I was thinking).  My opponent hits his shot into the water.  Getting better for me.  He then hits his next shot over the green.  I’m liking this.  He then chunks his next, then hits pasts the pin.  He is now lying 7 or 6 with the stroke.  I am lying 4.  I have an uphill putt with a slight break left near the hole.  I make the swing.  The putt looks like it will miss right, but it starts to break towards the hole in the last foot.  The ball rolls past the cup about an inch.  It then sort of, falls back towards the cup.  But it stops.  Right on the edge.  ‘Oh come on!’ I exclaim.  Then just like Tiger’s chip in on the 16th at Augusta, with a 1.5 second delay, my ball falls into the hole.  I could do nothing but laugh.  It was one of the best par saves I have ever made.  That one will go down in my golf history book.

I won the hole with a 5 to his 7.  Haza.


Well, Shit.

It’s day 3 here in PEI, and the weather is fantastic.  Since getting here we have met most of Steph’s family, had a couple of BBQ’s including a feast of mussels…  that was interesting.  At the bbq on sunday we saw a few hot air balloons (which is a big deal out here…) so we all had to run out and see them.  At one point one of the uncles (local) noticed there were more balloons than originally seen and exclaimed ‘well, shit!’  So that’s my new saying.  I’ve been trying to speak the dialect here with not much success, but I’ll get it down by weeks end.  I’ve been focusing on the simple words like ‘goood’.

Steph, her dad, aunt and I played Mill River today.  It was a beautiful day and a great course.  We played a team scramble and we took home the trophy!  And we barely made it in before dark.  Here are a few pics from the day.  See ya Soon!


What happened?

Not sure really.  My caddie kept telling me I wasn’t finishing my swing.  I think he was right.  But either way, I didn’t make the third round cut and finished in a tie for 58th.  I was very disappointed with my round.  I struggled off the first 4 holes and couldn’t recover from there.  I got better as the day went on, but my front nine put me out of contention so the rest of the day was  just playing for fun.  So that ends this years run for the Ottawa Citizen.  I improved from last year by making the halfway cut, but I still am bummed out I didn’t make the final round, which just happens to be at my home course.  My final scores were 84, 78, 86.  Shooting in the 80’s feels like I shot about 150, so I had a hard time sucking up those 2 scores in the 80’s.  Anyways, thanks to everyone who kept up with me during the tournament.

I have one more tournament planned for August 23-25.  The first round is at the Marshes so I’m really looking forward to that.



It’s a good day at Loch March

The second round of the Ottawa citizen took place yesterday at Loch March golf club.  It turned out to be a great day, no rain or lighting.  On the course anyway.  We could see it in the near distance though.  I asked the boss to keep the rain away, and he did.  At least on the course.  It works.

I made the cut!

I started on the back nine and shot an even 36, followed on the 10th (1st hole) with a birdie, but let things slip a bit and had a few bogeys to finish 42, with a total 78.  I was disappointed with my back nine finish, but overall happy with the days score.  That put me in a tie for 48th headed to round 3 at Kanata Lakes this coming Monday.

You can check out the scores and tournament stuff here or here.