Happy New Year!

Happy new year, and happy 2011!

After a great week off for the Christmas holidays and  a great New Years celebration, its back to work.  The coming year has great potential for me.  I have grown into a more senior role in our office where I am now a leading technologist on several projects.  This brings new challenges but also new skills and rewarding adventures designing large buildings and dealing much more with the building code and consultants.

I am also looking forward to my small business, Brian Geertsema Designs (BG Designs), continuing to grow as we expanded our market by introducing our new website bgdesigns.ca.  I also registered myself in the province of Ontario as a Designer.  I am excited to see how this business grows and the possibilities it could have.

I know your all interested in my progress on the golf front, so I will let you know that I am stepping it up for 2011, which is also year 4 in my trial.  I will be joining a winter golf program at the Marshes that actually starts this coming Jan. 4.  I will be taking lessons as part of it so I will be shaping my swing before the season.  I am excited to see the difference this coming season.

On another note, I continue to be lucky and am still dating my lovely girlfriend.  And hopefully, I look forward to growing that relationship.

This year marks the end of my term as deacon at KCCRC.  It has been a great personal learning experience.  I know myself much better having been part of the Deaconhood.  I enjoyed serving with all the other deacons.  I may even miss going up front and talking about the collections, I enjoyed that.

I hope you have a great year with many blessings and you follow your dreams!

‘It’s a new day, its a new dawn, its a new life for me.’



Brian Geertsema Designs – new website!

Hello everyone!
Brian Geertsema Designs (BG Designs) is happy to announce the launch of our new website!     bgdesigns.ca
You can also find us on Facebook at Brian Geertsema Designs.  Like our page and become a fan, and get updates when new photos are uploaded to the website.
With special thanks to the people at Critim who put our webpage together, we are now on the web.  There you will be able to see some projects we have designed, as well, get in contact with us to start your home or renovation design.  Check back regularly as some of our projects are currently in the construction phase and we will be posting new photos.


Brian Geertsema, BCIN

Brian Geertsema Designs


BG Designs

I recently took the leap and registered myself and my business in Ontario.  I am now a legally qualified and registered designer in the province of Ontario.  Also my business BG Designs is a registered architectural design company.  This now means means I can design small buildings in the province of Ontario.  Ontario passed a law a few years back that stated only qualified (building code exams and liability insurance) persons could design buildings for someone else.  I had taken my exams a few years back, but never got insurance and registered.  I completed the registration this past month, and now I am qualified.

So if you’re designing a home or renovation, give me call or email.

My website is still under construction, but keep checking back.


What is this anyway?

My phone contract expired, so I needed to get a new one.  So I decided to get a blackberry.  The Bold to be exact.  My main reason was so I can get my emails from anywhere for my business.  This is a big step in staying connected.  In case you have blackberry, send me your pin.

In other news, you can now follow me on twitter @bgdeacon.  I will post my recent golf adventures and other crazy things I do.  You will be able stay more up to date with my whereabouts. I’m still a bit unsure of what twitter is so far, but I’ll get it.