Golf n stuff

Hey all, can’t believe I didn’t post this earlier.  I guess it was 2 weeks ago I shot even par 72 at The Marshes!  I actually bogeyed the last 2 holes to shoot par.  disappointing finish but a great round overall!  That is my first time shooting par on 18 holes.  It was a great weekend, because the day before my team (including Steph who was the best player) and I won the Ingersoll Open with a 4 under 68.  Not only that I took home closest to the pin and longest drive.  So a great weekend for me.

My first competitive round didn’t go so well.  I couldn’t hit an iron all day and ended up shooting one of my worst rounds yet.  Really disappointed how that went.  But I am entered in another qualifier at the end of June and then as well the Ottawa Citizen in July.

Its decided I will be heading to Halifax in the middle of July for a weekend visit.  Heard a ton about it and now I’m going.  Unfortunately no PEI this year.  But don’t worry, looks like I may going twice next year.  Here’s Hopin!



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