Hey, there you are

Hey all!  Seems like I’m getting lazy on the old blog posts lately.  Hope your all doing well!

Spring has been long and wet out this way.  My term as a Deacon is over at the end of May.  It was a great learning experience, and I picked up the nickname ‘Deacon’.  If you here someone call me that, thats where it came from.  In other news my relationship with Steph has grown and we took the step of moving in together.  I look forward to growing that relationship, and renewed joy in my, and hopefully her, life.  With her came a cat. Named Yoda.  Love it.

The 2011 golf season started and once again I am playing at The Marshes.  I was really excited to see how my swing turned out after the winter golf practice/training sessions.  So far its been great.  My swing is really starting to feel great and my confidence on all parts of my game are really high.  To top things, this past Mens night match play, I won the closest to the pin contest and won a brand new Ogio golf bag!

I have my first competitive tournament this coming Monday for the OVGA A class match play event.  The first round is a qualifier with the top 16 players advancing to the match play event the following days.  This is my first time in the event, so I am really looking forward to competing and testing my swing in tournament play.

that’s all folks!



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