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Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation

Discharging Your Loyal Soldier

Unmerited Mercy

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Loyal Soldier is similar to the elder son in Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son. His loyalty to strict meritocracy, to his own entitlement, to obedience, and supposedly to his father keeps him from the very celebration his father has prepared, even though the father begs his son to come to the feast (Luke 15:25-32). We have no indication the elder son ever came! What a judgment this is on first-stage religion, and most scholars believe this story comes straight from Jesus himself.

Jesus makes the same point in his story of the Pharisee and the tax collector (Luke 18:9-14), in which the Pharisee is loyal and observant and, yet, Jesus says, he missed the point; while the other who has not obeyed the law at all, but admits it, is ironically deemed “at rights with God”! These are both examples of Jesus’ reverse theology, which was intended to subvert our usual merit-badge thinking. Yet most of Christianity never got the point, and ended up creating lots of elder sons and Pharisees. Both the elder son and the Pharisee are good, loyal soldiers—exactly what most of us in the church were told was the very meaning of religion.

Until we have met the Merciful One, until we’ve experienced unconditional love, I think we all operate out of some kind of meritocracy: “You get what you deserve, and no more than you deserve.” Until we honorably discharge this Loyal Soldier, who knows little about real love, we will find it hard to meet the Merciful One. The Loyal Soldier keeps many Christians from enlightenment, from transformation, from love, from forgiveness, from grace. The Loyal Soldier wears the common disguise of loyalty, obedience, and old-time religion, which is all you have until you have experienced undeserved and unmerited love.

Adapted from Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life,
p. 45

Gateway to Silence:
The war has ended. Go in peace.


And…. we’re back. (take 2)

Good morning all.  It looks like I will again have to start adding new posts to this blog.  It’s official, as of this past Sunday, I am now once again a Deacon – and of course still a golf nut.  I look forward to serving you here online, and hopefully somehow in person.  So lets get started.  This is a my latest prayer:

Recently I have been contemplating with ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’.  What does this mean to me.  How do I live this.  I think how we apply this to our lives will be different for each of us.  In a recent prayer time, this is where I felt the Holy Spirit leading me:  a request to – ‘Make my heart Your heart’ – or ‘Teach me to love the way You love’.  Really just another way of saying the same thing.  It made me realize that it didn’t matter what I am doing, work/play/study/church, if my heart is like God’s heart I will see and act like Him.  Or at least try to.

This will be tough.  I will likely fail more than I succeed.  But not trying at all is a greater failure.



Make my heart Your heart.

A life of Love

This was today’s devotional from Richard Rohr, ‘Richards Daily Meditations’:


We must learn to be able to think and behave like Jesus, who is the archetypal human. This becomes the journey of great love and great suffering. This journey leads us to a universal love where we just don’t love those who love us. We must learn to participate in a larger love—divine love.

If we remain autonomous, independent, self-sufficient, we cannot know God nor can we love God. St. John of the Cross says: “God refuses to be known; God can only be loved.”

Any journey of great love or great suffering make us go deeper into our faith and eventually into what can only be called universal truth. Love and suffering are finally the same, because those who love deeply are committing themselves to eventual suffering. Those who suffer often become the greatest lovers.

Starter Prayer:
Guide me in the ways of love and suffering.

Million Dollar shootout

This past September I was able to participate in a million dollar shootout at the Marshes Golf Club.  They hosted the event as part of their 10th anniversary celebration.  Here is an article about it.  The format was a closest to the pin on #7 that everyone had 1 shot from 150 yards to be the 3 closest.  The 3 closest would then move to the fairway on #9 and would have to hole out from 170 yards for the million.

I think I was the 12th person to shoot.  I don’t think I’ve been that nervous over a shot.  I was fine until I stood over the ball and looked at the pin then back to my ball.  That’s when I realized my hands were shaking!  That’s never happened before! I took a deep breath and swung.  I hit a slight draw to 7′-10″.  Good for closest to the pin!  It was so much fun!  Several of my golf buddies were also in the event, and before hand were trying to calm their nerves by drinking.  They had rum and beer.  It was funny to see these guys so nervous.  I was fine until I was over my ball.

So I made the final 3 for the big shot.  I wasn’t nervous for this shot at all.  I was second to go, and hit a very good shot.  I was playing it to land short and bounce and roll to the hole.  I hit it online and landed right about where I wanted.  But the ball just stopped, no bounce and roll.  So I finished about 12 feet short of the pin.  No million for me.  Oh well, it was so much fun!


Richard Rohr – The Spirit

Thought this daily devotional from Richard Rohr was great.  So I figured I’d post it.


A Christian is someone who’s animated by the spirit of Christ, a person in whom the spirit of Christ can work.  That doesn’t always mean that you consciously know what you are doing.

As it states in Matthew 25, “When have we seen you hungry?  When have we seen you thirsty?”  We may have no idea that we do what we do for Christ.  But Christ said: “Because you did it, you did it for me.”

It never depends upon whether we say the right words, but whether we live the right reality.

Adapted from Simplicity, p. 157

Starter Prayer:
     Lord, send out your spirit
and renew the face of the earth.




Golf n stuff

Hey all, can’t believe I didn’t post this earlier.  I guess it was 2 weeks ago I shot even par 72 at The Marshes!  I actually bogeyed the last 2 holes to shoot par.  disappointing finish but a great round overall!  That is my first time shooting par on 18 holes.  It was a great weekend, because the day before my team (including Steph who was the best player) and I won the Ingersoll Open with a 4 under 68.  Not only that I took home closest to the pin and longest drive.  So a great weekend for me.

My first competitive round didn’t go so well.  I couldn’t hit an iron all day and ended up shooting one of my worst rounds yet.  Really disappointed how that went.  But I am entered in another qualifier at the end of June and then as well the Ottawa Citizen in July.

Its decided I will be heading to Halifax in the middle of July for a weekend visit.  Heard a ton about it and now I’m going.  Unfortunately no PEI this year.  But don’t worry, looks like I may going twice next year.  Here’s Hopin!


Hey, there you are

Hey all!  Seems like I’m getting lazy on the old blog posts lately.  Hope your all doing well!

Spring has been long and wet out this way.  My term as a Deacon is over at the end of May.  It was a great learning experience, and I picked up the nickname ‘Deacon’.  If you here someone call me that, thats where it came from.  In other news my relationship with Steph has grown and we took the step of moving in together.  I look forward to growing that relationship, and renewed joy in my, and hopefully her, life.  With her came a cat. Named Yoda.  Love it.

The 2011 golf season started and once again I am playing at The Marshes.  I was really excited to see how my swing turned out after the winter golf practice/training sessions.  So far its been great.  My swing is really starting to feel great and my confidence on all parts of my game are really high.  To top things, this past Mens night match play, I won the closest to the pin contest and won a brand new Ogio golf bag!

I have my first competitive tournament this coming Monday for the OVGA A class match play event.  The first round is a qualifier with the top 16 players advancing to the match play event the following days.  This is my first time in the event, so I am really looking forward to competing and testing my swing in tournament play.

that’s all folks!